about us

We do research in and provide information and education about franchising and related fields.

We monitor actively trends in the field and are in contact with leaders in the franchising and related fields in the Czech Republic and abroad.

information that brings us together

We would like to bring together and develop the Czech franchising community; create a space where research, information, and experience come together with the people who make up and use franchising.

We would like to provide the franchising community with a platform on which to meet and exchange what is most important: experience and ideas.

We would like to work actively with professional associations in the area of franchising and other cooperative forms of doing business. We would like to supplement their activities and offer greater variety.

our credo

„Discover. Understand. Use.”

Discover - we try to increase publicity and, thereby, a general awareness of franchising.

Understand - by organising professional lectures, seminars, and conferences, we help people gain a better understanding of the principles and advantages of franchising.

Use - by conveying information or providing know-how, we help businesses use franchising effectively.